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Systems Microbiology & Natural Products Research

The research in the Hess Laboratory centers on the multi-scale (from atom to molecule to cell to population to ecosystem) understanding of microbial systems and how they affect and respond to environmental changes. We utilize a combination of in-situ, in-vitro and in-silico approaches to generate new Systems Microbiology knowledge.

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New Funding: The US Department of Agriculture approved funding to engineer a small-scale, modular artificial gut system that can be used for high-throughput analysis of gut microbiome function in animals.

New Funding: The Hellman Foundation approved funding to study the microbial response to a feed additive that decreases methane emission during enteric fermentation: Towards sustainable methane mitigation strategies for California’s dairy industry.

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University of California Davis
Department of Animal Science
2251 Meyer Hall
Davis, CA 95616

P: +1 530 752 8809
F: +1 530 752 0172
E: mhess@ucdavis.edu

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Determine the affect of biological and chemical compounds on methane emission from enteric fermentation based in the Rumen Simulation Technique (Rusitec) .... Learn More

Identification, expression and characterization of novel microbial enzymes .... Learn More

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